Southwest Alberta Regional

Search and Rescue Society

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General Information:

Phone: 1-855-727-6825

Instagram: @southwest_alberta_regional_sar


When you are faced with a Search & Rescue emergency...

  • If you are a member of the public, please call 911 or your local police

  • If you are the police, other Tasking Agency or another SAR Group and would like our assistance, please call +1 403 627-2262 (dispatch through STARS Link Centre) or +1 403 627-5804 (Manager when available) and ask that Southwest Alberta Regional (formally Pincher Creek) Search and Rescue be activated.

  • If you are STARS, you have a copy of our First Call List. Please contact anyone on the list and one of our RCMP-certified search managers will help you evaluate the situation and work with you on a response.